Schools and Organizations

We can arrange customized creative program for school groups or kindergarden at your school. Since mugs and tiles are children favorite painting choices we provide both at discount prices for groups, 350 CZK and 200 CZK respectively. Our glaze paints are non-toxic and painted and burned pieces are safe to use as any other dishes. Tiles can also be used as heat-resistant pads or wall-mounted decorations. However, the school groups favorite choice for tile usage is mosaic colour wall picture assembly that can be displayed at school, holding precious memories and decorating hallways or classrooms. Tiles can also be paneled directly on walls. Every piece of painted pottery is taken care of by our ceramics specialist who applies a top glaze cover and makes sure each piece burns properly in the furnace. This process takes up to two weeks, after which your pieces are ready for pick up..  The entire program including the tour usualy takes about two hours. Some kids paint faster than others so this is hard to predict exactly.  

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